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About Flyover Fintech

Congressman Mike Flood of Nebraska’s First Congressional District will host his first Flyover Fintech conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 2, 2023.

Flyover Fintech features a wide variety of speakers ranging from members of the House Financial Services Committee to leading voices from the fintech industry. During the conference, a series of panels will examine the evolving regulatory environment for digital assets, the promise of blockchain, and the relationship between next-generation internet and fintech, critical regulatory questions, and the future of digital assets in a global economy.

Along the way, the conference will facilitate opportunities for networking and critical conversations with public and private sector industry leaders.

Questions about the conference should be directed to Taylor Gage at taylor.gage@mail.house.gov.


Registration – 8:00 am

Conference Opens – 9:00 am

Keynote Speaker & Lunch – 12:00pm

Concluding Reception – 4:30pm

Why Should You Attend?


From policymakers and payments companies to financial marketers, banks and more, Flyover Fintech presents the opportunity to meet others participating or interested in financial innovation.


Whether you’re looking to understand the regulatory environment or see what is possible with the latest cryptocurrency startups, Flyover Fintech is the place to deepen your understanding and knowledge of fintech.


We’ve carefully curated a lineup of bold leaders and strategic practitioners. Our main conference format allows room for questions while social events allow for attendees to connect directly with each other.

Who Should Attend

From startup ideas to the c-suite, Flyover Fintech is a level field for sharing ideas, networking, investment conversations and policy questions.

Network with other attendees in these areas: strategy, transformation, innovation, operations, customer experience, product, data, policymakers, regulators and startups.

This conference is for fintechs, financial leaders, banks, startups, legislators and regulators.

If you have a vested interest in the success of fintech in this region, you won’t want to miss out on Flyover Fintech.